Best 10 Heating Efficency Tips

Friday, March 28, 2014

1. Keep The Radiators Clear
It's all well and good having your Central Heating as high as it can go on your thermostat. However, if you have things blocking it such as a sofa, a nest of draws or a large object all of that lovely warm goodness is just money and more importantly heat straight out of the window! A radiator's main role is to heat the room as efficiently as possible. But how can they do that if they are stuck behind a sofa with a restricted air flow? So my first tip is to make sure that all of your radiators are away from large objects that could potentially block them and in a location within each room where the air flow will be good and no drafts can blow precious heat away.
2. Curtains!
Most men hate the thought of spending hours in those home department stores with their wives and partners looking for the 'right' curtains. However, sorry lads but the women are indeed correct! Having Thermal or Heavy curtains can certainly help your heating systems stay more efficient. By closing them as early as dusk or sunset can prevent any precious air escaping through tiny gaps in window seals and framework.
3. Drafts
Unfortunately on this occasion we're not talking traditional Irish Stout. But the evil gasps of air that catch us all by surprise as we get out of the shower. By ensuring that your home is draft free can save you up to £55 every year! The best ways to make sure drafts are limited in your home are to make sure that all of your windows are sealed correctly, any skirting boards are flush to the base of the walls and doors, keyholes and door frames are fitted correctly. Should you find any gaps appearing Caulk is pliable and used to correct these fixable issues.
4. Loft Insulation
Having a fully insulated loft will not only make your heating system much more efficient. Loft Insulation acts as a blanket, preventing any heat escaping through tiny gaps. Insulation doesn't just help through-out the winter, it also keeps you cooler during the summer, resulting in your heating bills being reduced all year-round. So that is my 4th Top Tip, it is also a very quick process usually taking less than a day to install and is definitely worth investing in as it can save you up to £180 every year.
5.Cavity Wall Insulation
Staying with the trend of insulating, ensuring that your home is fully insulated using a cavity wall insulation has similar benefits to loft insulation. It also acts as a blanket but instead prevents heat escaping through gaps between your exterior wall. It does this by pumping a brown liquid into the gaps with little mess or fuss.
6. Double Glazing
Most modern homes will already have double glazing fitted. However, should your home not it would certainly be money well spent! It prevents heat from escaping through worn out pieces of glass and small gaps within the seal of the frame. Although it is not just the glass that needs to be looked at. Never neglect the casing. This plays an essential role in the prevention of heat.
7. Boiler Installation / Replacement
It may sound a bit obvious but ensuring that you have a boiler installed and fitted correctly will cost money in the short-term, however will save you money in the long run. There are lots of companies that will be local to you that specialise in boiler installations. If you have a boiler that is 15 years or older then you should certainly look at having it replaced.
It's all well and good just having a new boiler fitted but make sure you have the right type of boiler fitted. Having a condensing boiler with controls will give you more responsibility and control over your heating and how much you spend. You could save as much as £310 every year!
8. Shower Time
Keep an eye on how much hot water you are using. If you have an electric shower try to limit each one to around 10 minutes. If you prefer a longer shower then maybe invest in a shower monitor to keep an eye on how much water your house hold is using.
9. Central Heating Timers
This is a great way to manage how much money you spend on heating your home. Most newly installed boilers can come with controllers or timers to be programmed with a new system. However if you don't have one, DON'T PANIC you don't need to go out and spend money on a new boiler. You can buy these online and hire a local plumber to fit and programme it for you.
Timers give you the ability to set what time you want your central heating to come on. Most homes have them programmed to coming on a few hours before you get up in the morning, off when everybody is out at work or school, coming back on around an hour or two before everybody comes home, off before going to bed and then repeating the cycle. But each home owner is different and will want different times and that is perfectly fine.
10. Jackets and Other Forms of Insulation
Loft and Cavity Walls are not the only places within a house hold that need insulating. Ensure that the pipe work has been insulated as well as the hot water immersion tank. By having the immersion tank fully insulated will result in your hot water being kept hotter for longer and the by having the pipe work insulated you will be able to say up to £15 every year.
A good question to ask yourself would be "have we got our hot water cylinder insulated?" if not the why not? It may seem silly to give you cylinder a jacket so to speak but this could save you up to £45 every year.

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Best 10 Weight Loss Apps

The BMI Calculator
The BMI Calculator has received almost a five star rating by Android users, based on more than 10,000 ratings. The idea behind the app is based on the work of Adolphe Quetelet, who utilized a calculation to determine people's ideal body weight. This can help individuals set their goal with regards to how much weight they need to lose.
The Diet Assistant
This app provides assistance to those who are struggling to get results on their own. Not only does the app act like a personal trainer, but also like a head chef, providing everything from personalized diet plans to grocery lists.
Ideal Weight
The Ideal Weight app informs users of their ideal weight, calculates their BMI and allows them the chance to determine where they are, as well as where they need to be with regards to their weight loss.
The Calorie Counter and Diet Tracker
MyFitnessPal has come up with an app that not only allows individuals the chance to calculate how many calories they have consumed on any given day, but also how many they have expended through exercise. This app makes it easier for individuals to keep track of their progress and is made up of a database of more than 1 million different foods.
Lose It!
Lose It! was developed for those individuals who struggle with obesity and allows individuals to set their weight loss goal and follow a very strict calorie intake allotment so that they can reach this goal. This app also allows individuals the chance to track their progress along the way.
Weight Watchers Mobile
The weight Watchers Mobile app is one that is built on the work of the Weight Watchers organization, which was established in 1963. This app provides users with exercise information, recipes, obesity news and a lot more.
Diet Point - Weight Loss
This app allows users to make use of more than 55 personalized diets from categories that include; vegetarian, blood type, detox, fad and low carb.
Noom Weight Loss Coach
This app is an interactive app that outlines daily tasks to help individuals lose weight, from challenges to meal ideas.
Gym Pact
The Gym Pact app allows individuals the chance to earn money by keeping to their pact to lose weight. In the event that a user doesn't keep up with their "pact", they will end up losing money.
7 Min Workout
The 7 min workout app is just that; an intense, specifically formulated workout that lasts for 7 minutes and doesn't require that an individual purchase any workout equipment. This app isn't only effective; it is fast enough to tempt just about anyone.
Not all diets produce amazing results, but every now and again, something comes along and inspires people again, and this tends to constitute the best diets in the industry.

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Best 10 Article Writing Tips

1. You Have to Start Somewhere!
“I was told just to write. My heart would do the rest and I would learn professional tips along the way … My writing pathway is now clear and moves forward … into the future.”
- Sandy Giles
“Just get started writing. Writing leads to more writing. Lethargy leads to no writing. The choice is yours.”
- Dr. Erica Goodstone

2. Find Inspiration and Encouragement Everywhere
“Take a cue from your children. When they want something, they will tell you directly with excitement, smiles, and motivating words and actions.”
- Terrance L. Weber
“‘C’mon, can’t you write a bit more?’ – my partner used to say this to me and it ultimately helped me to overcome procrastination :-)”
- Frederik Kreijmborg *
3. Find Your Groove and Motivation
“I’ve found that setting the mood helps … Of course, you have to research your topic, outline your story, or know what you are talking about, but once you’ve settled on the basic gist of the content, you have to get your mind in the right place. Crank up some mood music, light some scented candles or some incense. Take your laptop into the park. Do whatever it takes to control your settings so you are at ease, then let the words pour out. This is where the best, most fluid content comes from.”
- Miriam B. Medina
4. Offer Solutions
“Just offer what can be done to achieve what has been a challenge, provide a solution, and make readers’ lives easier. In a nutshell, you help them win and you will win!”
- Rahman Mehraby
5. Don’t Forget the Importance of Your Title
“Titles are incredibly important! Don’t give away the article in the title, but deliver in your article what you advertised in your title.”
- Shirley Slick
6. Keep it Concise
“The best advice for me was to keep my paragraphs under 5-sentences.”
- Lance Winslow
7. Writing Is a Multi-Step Process
“First, think about the problem your readers want to solve. Second, think about at least 6 ways the problem could be solved. Do the research. Third, think some more about the several ways there are to meet the reader’s needs. Fourth, sleep on it. Fifth, start writing with excitement and enthusiasm. Sixth, put it away and then do the editing tomorrow. Seventh. Done!”
- Terrance L. Weber
8. Allow Yourself Time to Review and Proofread
“Writing and editing are two different ‘zones.’ It’s not always easy to seamlessly transition from the creative storm that came up with all your ideas to the fine-tooth comb you need to make sure those ideas are clear, cohesive, and error-free. If you take the time to step away from a piece of writing and come back later for a final edit and review, you WILL catch mistakes you missed once you’ve given your brain time to refresh itself and relax … A better piece of writing is always worth the time.”
- CH James
9. Allow Your Articles to Evolve and Learn From Your Mistakes
“Come back to the article in a few months to see how it is performing … A great article evolves over time.”
- Scott Bateman
10. The Ultimate Words of Wisdom
“(1) Keep it simple, (2) less is more, and (3) do it now.”
- Jeff Herring
Want to contribute your own article writing advice? Click here to add your insights to the best article writing advice forum!

Best 10 Famous Guitars

Number 10: Double neck Gibson - Jimmy Page
In terms of music Led Zepplin's Jimmy Page has got to have produced some of the most distinctive and progressive music of the 20th century. His frequently used les Paul would go down in history simply for being in the hands of a great musician. However, in terms of guitars the double neck Gibson SG that Page used for Stairway To Heaven is uniquely iconic - a unique instrument played by a fantastic guitarist for a brilliant song.
Number 9: Black Strat - David Gilmour
David Gilmour's Black Strat often appears on these lists of top 10 instruments. It was featured in a large number of memorable Pink Floyd songs such as: Money, Shine On You Crazy Diamond and Comfortably Numb.
The guitar was originally purchased in 1970 at Manny's guitar store and word has it that David Gilmour immediately fell in love with it, but mere weeks later the guitar was stolen on tour along with the rest of Pink Floyd's equipment. Forced to cancel the tour David made a trip to the same guitar store and bought another. Since then it has been one Gilmour's most used guitars. It featured first in the Bath festival of June 1970.
Number 8: Lucille - BB King
In Arkansas 1949, BB King was performing in a hall when two men fighting over a woman knocked over a barrel of kerosene that was being used to warm the building. In the ensuing fire that ripped through the hall everyone had to be evacuated. When BB King got outside he realised that he had left his guitar inside and ran back inside to save it. Though he saved the guitar and himself was unharmed two people died in the fire and so he decided to name the guitar Lucille after the woman that the two men had been fighting over - this would serve as a reminder never to do anything so stupid as going into a burning building again or to fight over a woman.
Number 7: Lucy - George Harrison
"Lucy" is a red Gibson Les Paul and was a gift from Eric Clapton - which is cool enough. The love that Harrison had for this guitar is clear enough from the events that follow. "Lucy" was stolen from Harrison's home in 1973 and sold, eventually ending up in the hands of a musician in Mexico. In the end Harrison traded a Les Paul sunburst and a Fender Precision Bass for the return of his precious Lucy - and kept the guitar until his death in 2001.
Number 6: 0001 Stratocaster - David Gilmour
The 0001 Stratocaster, currently owned by Pink Floyd's David Gilmour is in my opinion one of the coolest guitars ever created. The reason of course is that it is (1) Old: Manufactured in 1954. (2) Owned by David Gilmour and reputedly Seymour Duncan and Leo Fender prior to this. (3) A #0001 serial number. Rumour has it that it might have been made especially for an employee or that it was designed as a museum piece. Perhaps that's a production run of only one model, which explains the 0001 serial. It makes me wonder about other #0001 serials out there (such as Stevie Ray Vaughan's "Number One"). But so far as I know this is the oldest - and it's got a great ownership and gig history.
Number 5: JagStang - Kurt Cobain
Kurt Cobain of Nirvana invented this cross between the Fender Jaguar and Mustang. He pitched the guitar to Fender who built two left handed prototypes for him but as it wasn't used in many performances the suggestion is that Kurt was not happy with the result. Nonetheless as instruments go, the Jagstang remains a unique addition to guitars. Following Kurt's death his Jagstang was given to Peter Buck of REM and makes an appearance in the music video for "What's the Frequency Kenneth?".
Number 4: Frankenstrat - Van Halen
Eddie Van Halen wanted the feel of a Fender Strat with sound of a Gibson and so quite simply he put two Humbuckers his Strat. He didn't want people to be able to replicate the sound so he even went as far as to disguise one of the Humbuckers as a single coil to throw people off! The look was even more distinctive through the amateur paint job on the body which utilised red bicycle paint and masking tape.
Number 3: Blackie - Eric Clapton
Eric Clapton moved from Gibson guitars to Fender Stratocasters in 1970. In this time he bought six 1950's Stratocasters $200-300 dollars each from a music store. He gave three to George Harrison, Pete Townshend and Steve Windwood. With the remaining three guitars he took the best parts of the instruments and assembled "Blackie", so named of course for it's black finish. (Clapton had previously owned a guitar called "Brownie".)
The Guitar was sold at auction for $959,000, which at the time set the record for the sale of a guitar.
Number 2: Sunburst Stratocaster - Bob Dylan
The guitar made its first appearance at the Newport, Rhode Island concert where Bob Dylan is famously said to have "gone electric" in that he used a sunburst Fender Stratocaster rather than his typical acoustic performance. It did not go down well with all fans who were maybe expecting the usual acoustic performance, but is considered a turning point in encouraging the transition to electric for a many of fans. Some time (perhaps immediately) after this the guitar went missing, left on a plane where it went unclaimed for about half a century and ended up with the private plane's pilot. When it was eventually put up for sale in December 2013 it sold for a recordbreaking $965,000. (Breaking the previous record held by Eric Clapton's Blackie at $959,000.)
Number 1: Upside down / backwards Stratocaster - Jimi Hendrix
Jimi Hendrix played many Stratocasters upside down or backwards. Being left handed and presumably not wanting to restrict his choice of instrument he famously reversed the strings on right handed Strats, moved the strap button to the other horn and played them left handed. This also reversed the length of the strings, with the low E being the longest and the high E being shortest - which affects the tone of the strings producing a unique sound for a Strat. Being left handed myself and having played a backwards Strat, I can reliably inform you that it is one of the most uncomfortable instruments in the world and greatly inhibits the instrument's playability. Nonetheless this is one of the most iconic and famous modifications of a Fender Stratocaster.

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